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Continent + Tristan Garcia

Perhaps long overdue, but I just found out about Graham Harman’s lengthy discussion of a new ‘rising star’ in the movement, event or adventure of French philosophy; Tristan Garcia. Harman critically introduces and summarizes Garcia’s recent Forme et Objet: Un Traité des Choses – an object-oriented, Badiouian/Meillassouxian/’Frankfurter Schülean’ work consisting of several formal meditations on the kinds of objects in the world. As Harman concludes, the book is an ‘intricate piece of work by an emerging philosopher who is now a force to reckon with [..] For those who read French [it] is worth significant reading time during the months to come [..] Tristan Garcia is most likely a name that we will all be pronouncing hundreds or thousands of times in the decades to come’.

It is well worth mentioning the journal in which this article has appeared. Continent is a new (?) on-line, open source and peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly articles, poetry, fiction, sound etc. You can login and register as either a reader, author and/or reviewer here.

Bruno Latour, Graham Harman, Levy Bryant, Materialism, Object Oriented Ontology, Peter van Ingwagen

materialism without materials (or; clouds are elementary particles arranged cloudwise)

The most common misunderstanding about object-oriented ontology is probably that it entails a rigid materialism. Since it talks of ‘materials’ and often does this with reference to ‘beings’ it seems not unfair to label it as a contemporary ‘materialist ontology’ (reminiscent of both Lucretius’ atoms and different Marxist positions). And a title like Material Beings would probably count as a good candidate for any object-oriented publication.
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