Michael Marder, The Event of the Thing

Jacques the Realist?

Reading Michael Marder’s The Event of the Thing: Derrida’s Post-Deconstructive Realism this week really was a pleasant, though daring surprise. Arguing for a ‘thingly’ and ‘realist’ Derrida – a Derrida that talks about the concrete, rather than texts; ontological withdrawal and the evental character of objects rather than signs and signifiers. Marder presents a provocative account that cries out for consideration by other fields of thought – up till now his style of writing seems to be a burden given the fact that he formulates, questions and hypothesizes in Derridaen. To get a glimpse of what Marder is getting at, see his 2008 article ‘Différance of the Real’, published in Parrhesia. Read Christoper Stokes review of Marder’s book for a positive critique of his approach and project.