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After several months of complete silence – finally an update…

I have been very busy during the last few months (take notice of the ‘recent articles’ section), but now fully determined to get back into the realm of blog-o-sphere-existence. Because I’m currently working on an essay-review of two books on Simondon – the re-issue of Pascal Chabot’s The Philosophy of Simondon and the (great!) Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology (edited by Arne de Boever – my first aim is to re-re-update the list of on-line translations of his articles. Ever since I first started this list somewhere between the end of 2012 and early 2013 a truly (read; non-electronic) Simondon revival has taken place – which, of course, can only be applauded!

Bernard Stiegler, Gilbert Simondon, Science as Culture

A Plea for Technological Activism? (review article online)

My review article of a recent book on the European technological border regime has just been published online in Science as Culture. You can download the full text here.

The argument mainly consists of using Gilbert Simondon’s (and Bernard Stiegler’s) insights on the ‘perfect machine’ – on which the former elaborates in for instance his seminal On the Modes of Existence of Technical Objects – and combining it with the idea that technologies cannot be and are never exhausted by their political telos. That is to say that technology cannot be reduced to a means, but must be conceptualized in terms of having a specific dynamic of its own that – subsequently – can be given a political function or, as I argue, can be made into a site of contestation.

Deleuze, Gilbert Simondon

Gilbert Simondon: translations [re-updated]

As far as I know there are still no ‘offical’ English translations available of the – highly interesting – work of Gilbert Simondon. However, there do circulate some translations on the internet – most notably his book On the Modes of Existence of Technical Objects. Others include ‘The Position of the Problem of Ontogenesis’, ‘Technical Mentality’ and a 1966 review by Gilles Deleuze – for whom Simondon was a great inspiration (think of his distinction between singularities and individuals and the notion of individuation) – of ‘L’Individu et sa genese physico-biologique’. All of these are truly worthwile.

Some translations of the work of Simondon I didn’t know of (thanks to Terrence Blake from Agent Swarm)

Topology, Chronology and Order of Magnitude of Physical Individuation
Topology and Ontogenesis
The Physico-Biological Genesis of the Individual
The Individual and Its Physico-Biological Genesis
Chapter 1 of Physic and Collective Individuation 

A new translation of Gilbert Simondon’s ‘Two Lessons on Animal and Man’ by Drew Burk will be published by Univocal Publishing. I haven’t heard of the publisher, but it seems promising; check out their website here. (Thanks to Drew Burk for bringing it to my attention)