Art Criticism, Boris Groys, Difference, Durkheim, Fashion, Gabriel Tarde, Repetition

Gabriel Tarde and Boris Groys on mass culture

Recall the equally interesting as well-known statement from art critic Boris Groys in which he hails the future as tautology; ‘modern civilization is characterized by her ability to meticulously reproduce the existing’. That is to say, there exist a great contemporary potential (and, seemingly, will) to repeat the present. Making this a claim about the practices of modern art in relation to consumerism, Groys shares Koolhaas’ exploration into the increasing colonization of the modern city by the generic. In several studies – most notably, perhaps, Art Power – Groys has shown how recent developments in all sectors of culture and technology have not only produced generic cities, cars and commodities, but has caused literature, the visual arts and music to reproduce itself ad infinitum. Continue reading