Biography of an investigation, Bruno Latour

Latour’s philosophical biography?

Yet another new article is available from Bruno Latour’s website. Biography of an Investigation is a written culmination of his ‘philosophical anthropology’ or ‘anthropological philosophy’ which he developed during the last 25 years. At the same time it is, perhaps, a preliminary to his forthcoming work on modes of existence? A notion on which Latour elaborated earlier here and here.

As he has it: ‘Between the science of being-as-being, the venerable discipline of ontology, and the science of being-as-other, anthropology, new bonds can be woven [..] To answer [..] questions of philosophical anthropology, of regional ontology (!), we need a method that provides an adequate depiction of the situations to be described. How many sensors are needed to do justice to the values deployed by the Moderns? I have been struggling to identify these sensors, in the hope that this brief return to the origins of my investigation will spur some readers to help me carry it out.’





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