Didier Debaise, Levy Bryant, Philosopher's Rally, Speculative Realism

Levi Bryant & Didier Debaise in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

It’s not my intention to make this blog into a sort of conference alert website, but this announcement is really worth mentioning. On the 18th and 19th of April Levi Bryant and Didier Debaise will deliver their key-note lectures at the annual Philosopher’s Rally in Rotterdam. This surely is a wonderful opportunity to see the both of them ‘in real life’.The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Beyond Dualism’.

It’s great to see and witness that here in the Netherlands the object-oriented and speculative turn is not only increasingly appreciated but also becoming popular among students. As far I know the debate between Latour and Graham Harman can already be considered as one of the most exciting ones among undergraduate courses on advanced topics in the philosophy and social study of science. Moreover, the place was crowded at Harman’s 2011 visit to Amsterdam – during his mad talk about Meillassoux’s Future God in Spui 25.

Levi’s talk in Rotterdam is entitled ‘Machinic Objects: Between Object-Oriented Philosophy and Onticology’. As the title suggests, I suspect – and hope – that Levi will be talking of his development of onticology as distinguished from, or as a specific strand of, object-oriented ontology (which is, of course, still a vague term and not more than a label of a promising movement in contemporary philosophy). Occupying yet another position inside the buzz of object-orientedness, Didier Debaise (an expert in Whitehead, Tarde and process philosophy) is lecturing on ‘Nature and Subjectivity. A Speculative Interpretation of Non-Humans’. I’m still awaiting the translation of his 2006 Un Empirisme Spéculatif: lecture de ‘Proces et Reality’ de Whitehead, but hope to catch a glimp of his take on Whitehead in relation to the ‘evental’ definition of objects.

Can’t wait. For more information about the conference click here.


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