Society and Space on Occupy

Society and Space asked some theorists/scholars to reflect on the ‘Occupy’ movement. Where the ‘Beursplein demonstrators’ in Amsterdam seemed to cause a big stir in the Netherlands, the movement seems to be in need of some support from prominent intellectuals to keep up the momentum – the fact that a few days ago a tramconductor, while approaching Dam Square, called the spot where Occupy is demonstrating ‘campsite Occupy’ says it all, at least when it comes to the expectations of the public..The fact that Occupy ‘does not come up with an alternative’ seems to be today’s politics of the actual, and reinforces Adorno’s remark in Dialectic of Enlightenment that the tabooing of any thought which does not set out from ‘brute actuality’ serves as a legitimation for a, seemingly, unending passivity.

Ananya Roy ‘Occupy the Future’
Juliet Fall ‘Translations in the City’
Eduardo Mendieta ‘Occupy: To Dwell in the Space of Attentive Solicitude’


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