Deleuze, Gilbert Simondon

Gilbert Simondon: translations [re-updated]

As far as I know there are still no ‘offical’ English translations available of the – highly interesting – work of Gilbert Simondon. However, there do circulate some translations on the internet – most notably his book On the Modes of Existence of Technical Objects. Others include ‘The Position of the Problem of Ontogenesis’, ‘Technical Mentality’ and a 1966 review by Gilles Deleuze – for whom Simondon was a great inspiration (think of his distinction between singularities and individuals and the notion of individuation) – of ‘L’Individu et sa genese physico-biologique’. All of these are truly worthwile.

Some translations of the work of Simondon I didn’t know of (thanks to Terrence Blake from Agent Swarm)

Topology, Chronology and Order of Magnitude of Physical Individuation
Topology and Ontogenesis
The Physico-Biological Genesis of the Individual
The Individual and Its Physico-Biological Genesis
Chapter 1 of Physic and Collective Individuation 

A new translation of Gilbert Simondon’s ‘Two Lessons on Animal and Man’ by Drew Burk will be published by Univocal Publishing. I haven’t heard of the publisher, but it seems promising; check out their website here. (Thanks to Drew Burk for bringing it to my attention)


8 thoughts on “Gilbert Simondon: translations [re-updated]

  1. Simondon is very interesting, and Bernard Stiegler makes very good use of him. Especially, Stiegler claims that in his talking about Simondon’s individuation he is furthering his own individuation. So the notion is performative and not just cognitive.

  2. doctorzamalek says:

    Lukas, I believe all of Simondon’s major works are now in the process of being translated. University of Minnesota Press will publish one, Semiotext(e) another, and as for the technology book, I’ve forgotten where that will appear, but it’s being translated.

  3. Drew Burk says:

    A new translation I have done of Gilbert Simondon’s Two lessons on animal and man will be coming out in the next couple of weeks with an exciting new philosophy publisher, Univocal Publishing which you can find here… Univocal will also be publishing some new work by Bernard Stiegler and Jean-Hugues Bartelemy purely on Simondon’s work in the coming months…

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