Difference, Gabriel Tarde, Monadology, Sociology and Monadology, The Laws of Imitation

Tardian Monadology in 8 steps

After reading Sociology and Monadology, The Laws of Imitation and An Outline of Sociology these 8 steps try to capture the (neo)monadology as developed by Gabriel Tarde.

(a) Everything originates from the infinitely small – the monads
(b) The monads are heterogeneous, complex and their existence consists of difference
(c) Accordingly, reality is made of difference and this difference does not increase or discrease, but keeps on differing itself.
(d) Every science is based on repetitions and resemblances; when individual actors stop repeating themselves we touch in the dark
(e) These repetitions exist for the sake of difference and variation and not of identity
(f) Science studies the temporary and unstable harmony between phenomena whom themselves exist due to association, generalization and expansion – i.e. repetition
(g) The universal laws of imitation – that apply to the social, biological and physical – consist of; repetition, opposition and adaptation.  
(h) The energies that drive these universal laws consist of croyance (belief) and désir (desire).


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