Philosophy as a Realist Performance

What, in this picture, reflects philosophy? There are a few options.

1. Philosophy as the Roof of the Building: philosophy then would be that from which one is departing, something which one turns one’s back against. Or; philosophy would be the material cause of the leap, that first ground, that first instance that remains; there, save above the ground, philosophy is, during the leap, the feeling of safety, the firm ground. When standing on the edge of the roof, preparing the leap into the void, philosophy exists just as hope, as the last concrete material (notice his foot just touching the roof, even after the moment of the decision). Leaving philosophy thus is a departure.  

Philosophy as Yves Klein: philosophy now would be a personae, a breathing, fearing, anxious, person of flesh-and-blood going against its natural disposition to secure its safety, to not put one’s life in danger. When philosophy is Yves Klein, philosophy is a decision as such. It is a moving body, floating between transcendence and immanence; between the up-in-the-air and the ground. It is the tension between these two, the embodied fear of leaving, of letting go. It is the feeling of forever losing something (from the past) and forever gaining something (in the future). Where the roof is safe, choosing the ground means breaking bones, implies being prepared for a hard-as-concrete task.

Philosophy as the Ground as Such: philosophy now is a recipient; it welcomes Yves Klein with open arms, not saying something, not implying something, but showing itself. It is a warm bath of the unforgivable; it is being within, in the middle: the ground as such. There is a difference between seeing the ground from above, from the perspective of beginning the performance, of preparing the decision to jump, and witnessing the ground when being on it, among it. There is a difference between the vertical and the horizontal; philosophy could be the whole of the horizontal, the ground of difference.

Philosophy as Air: or perhaps, philosophy is the air; the air in which Yves Klein falls, the air he keeps on breathing when he falls down to the ground, the air that carries him for just a few seconds. Philosophy is nothing special, nothing singular, but an air supplier, the patron of existence. Philosophy as air reflects a certain Spinozism; if the air is Substance, then all the singular things on the picture are a certain amount of modes of being; substance expresses itself through everything particular, but everything particular is always connected to substance.

Philosophy as the Cyclist in the Background;  always moving away unnoticed and unidentified.


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