Peter Sloterdijk, Philosophy

An interview with Peter Sloterdijk

Yesterdag afternoon I watched a rebroadcast of the ‘Tegenlicht’ documentary ‘Waar is de woede?’ in which Peter Sloterdijk, next to Manuel Castells, talks about the present rage about or displeasure towards the (global) political system (and possible solutions or bendings). For instance, Sloterdijk suggests (in accordance with his book Rage and Time) a mentality change that, instrumentally, consists of rebuilding the political and economical system on the basis of generosity in stead of greed. This is of course largely a way of speaking about the contemporary ‘psycho-social’ or ‘psycho-political’ climate and context, rather than a technical alternative. But, as always, Sloterdijk’s answers and vocabulary are fascinating. 
These are the first two parts of the interview.


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